2020-2021 Silver Stars Booster Club

The Silver Stars Booster Club is a non-profit organization established to offer support while providing an enriching experience for the Silver Stars Dance Team.  The Booster Club is an active support system for the Director and Assistant Director, AISD, and Bowie High School functions. The Silver Stars Booster Club organizes fundraisers  for the betterment of the Silver Stars dance team.  All proceeds operate under AISD policy as well as state laws pertaining to booster clubs. 

Board Members

Co-Presidents - Jennifer Magallanez Cynthia Spence

1st Vice President - Amy Coltharp

2nd Vice President (Fundraising) - Christy Mahagan & Mari Andrade

2nd Vice President (Football/Contest Season) - Tara Shelton & Kris Grandinetti-Johnson

2nd Vice President (Publicity/Social Media) - Kathy Puperi & Stacey Hardy

Treasurer - Michelle Gonzales & Karen Ard

Secretary - Kathy Rush

Officer Rep - Heather Greenburg

Steering Committee Rep - Jill Gura

DadCo - Rene Garza

Rookie Rep - Sandy Gist & Melanie Flores

Webmaster - Ron Bennett

Booster Club

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

Executive Booster Club meets monthly from TBD

Booster Club follows from TBD


Aug  TBD

Sep  TBD

Oct  TBD

Nov  TBD

Dec  TBD

Jan   TBD

Feb  TBD

Mar  TBD

Apr  TBD

May  TBD