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Bailey Summer Dance Camp

Step 1:

Complete one Registration Form per Attendee by clicking on the registration button below. 

Step 2:

Add Dance Camp and any of the additional options to your cart.  Be sure to put the attendees name(s) and primary parent's email address in each option.  If your Bailey Star Strutter will attend all day, choose the Full Day option


Additional Options:

         Lunch: 2-day or 4-day lunch option (Full Day Attendees Only)

              * M/W will be two CraigO's pepperoni rolls, chips, cookie and a drink.

              * T/Th will be two Bush's chicken tender rolls, chips, cookie and a drink. 

        Concession Punch Card: $10, $15, or $20 options.  Pre-paid punch cards will be available at the concession stand for                 attendees.  Cards can also be purchased or funds can be added during camp. 

NOTE: PayPal is the default payment method.  If you prefer to not use PayPal, scroll down once the PayPal payment pop-up appears.  There will be an option to pay by credit card. Each transaction will be charged a credit card processing fee. 

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